Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats fleeing across state lines?

Looks like a job for… the Shadow Wolves!

Update - Great line from Dan Riehl: "At this rate, these guys will be sleeping on grates by next month."


Anonymous said...

I can't help it, I have to use this...only the shadows know.

They can look for fresh sign on the waitresses. Democrats love sandwiches. The life of a fleebagger can be a lonely one.

Deborah Leigh

missred said...

has illinois become the sanctuary state for derelict dems?

RebeccaH said...

The Shadow Wolves was a fascinating story (partly because I lived for a time in that part of the country when I was a child). It's too bad we don't have Shadow Wolves operating everywhere (most especially in Congress), because American Indians are by and large the most patriotic Americans, since they were the first.

I've been to many pow-wows (if they still call them that), both in Gallup, NM when I was young, and more recently in Xenia, OH (Tawawa Springs/Blue Jacket). Always, there has been a central pole with an American flag flying, and lots of veterans standing around proudly wearing uniforms or medals, inviting people of "all tribes" to participate in the circle dances.

So, thanks for the link to the Shadow Wolves. God bless their efforts. They are true Americans, and a shameful rebuke to those oh-so-principled Democrat politicians of Wisconsin and Indiana... and anywhere else Dems decide to short-circuit the will of the people.

bruce said...

Feel free to explain this for us non-Americans. I get that by fleeing they are preventing newly elected governments from doing their job. But can they do this indefinitely? I've never heard of this tactic before.

Federally your system concentrates power more than any British system in which there is neither a President nor an absolute monarch, and govts must still get sufficient votes for every piece of legislation.

Yet our regional state govts may be more autocratic than yours, since I can't imagine this happening.


Paco said...

Bruce: In Wisconsin, apparently they need at least one Democrat for a quorum (even though the Republicans have a majority). So, the whole herd of donks has trotted across the border into Illinois to prevent a quorum from being formed. It's the new anti-democratic Democratic Party.

The governor of Wisconsin has just ordered that automatic deposit of paychecks for the fugitives be stopped; if they want to get paid, they'll need to show up in person to collect their checks. It all has the appearance of farce, but there is an extremely important struggle going on that may determine whether public-employee unions are going to continue amassing power and wealth at the expense of unwilling taxpayers.

JeffS said...

Bruce, imagine the state legislatures is a playground full of children. There are all kinds of games going on, following a few simple rules and common courtesy. The children are doing what children are supposed to do on a play ground: run around having a great time. That's the majority of the members of the state legislators.

Other there, in the corner, the group of kids sulking, lashing out at the other children in anger, because no one wants to play their games? Those are the Demonrats running away from their duties.

A bit simple, but there ya go.

Yojimbo said...

Why shouldn't they sleep on grates. They're certainly grating on our nerves and our democratic traditions.

richard mcenroe said...

The Shadow Wolves should be good at tracking down Democrats. They're already great at finding dope...

bruce said...

Thanks for the explanation. Maybe there is a similar old rule here in Aust and we'll start seeing such stunts here next.

Anonymous said...

RebeccaH, they still are called pow wows. The Grand Entry is when the dancers enter the arena, preceeded by the flag bearers, American flag, Eagle staff (The equivalent of the flag, it is a crooked staff usually with buffalo fur, and eagle feathers. Each varies.), POW flag, sometimes other flags.

Veterans do hold a special honor, as you witnessed, because they are the warriors. However, not all view their service as to the country, but rather to their tribe. In discussion with a prominent elder here (CA) who held that view, I pointed out the falacy. You served in the US Marines, received payment by the US government for your services
which you didn't forgo, therefore, it wasn't just for the tribe. The enemy wouldn't see an tribal memeber. They'd see a US Marine. Some people are still fighting the "Indian wars".

It's been my extreme honor to carry a flag, especially the American flag at a few pow wows. This isn't something that is usually accorded to women vets. At one, I carried the American flag next to a Navajo code talker who carried the POW flag. It was the only flag Joe would ever carry.

Sorry for the short story, folks.

Deborah Leigh

Michael Lonie said...

As I understand it, in Wisconsin the State Senate has a quorum rule for money bills of 20. Twenty senators must be present out of the 33 senators. The 19 Republicans are there, but all 14 Dems have become fleebaggers. If there were 20 Packs they could go ahead, but they need one more body to act. Apparently for non-money bills they can get by with a quorum of 17, so one suggestion is for the packs to start passing lots of such bills that will frost the Dems. If they return to stop the other bills, then they'll also have to vote on the bill they have been avoiding.

Paco said...

Thanks, Michael. Good detail.