Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another commie finally confesses to what we all knew anyway

Morton Sobell, who conspired with Julius Rosenberg and others to deliver military secrets to the Soviet Union, has come clean about his motives.

See Dan Collins for much more, including some interesting background on Gadhafi’s connection to the East German Stasi.


JeffS said...

Nice to have confirmation, even if it might look like circumstantial evidence, that the Rosebergs were in fact spies for the Soviet Union, and earned their execution for treason.

bruce said...

Seems the Rosenbergs were really so nutty as to die for the cause rather than confess and live. Maybe they feared the KGB more than death too.

Yojimbo said...

Rosenberg defenders/supporters=fellow travelers.

The NYT had to quote something from the Weekly Standard! How sweet is that! Wonder how they got that by all those layers of factcheckers and editors?

Anonymous said...

The Rosenbergs weren't just 'nutty.' Their last words to their sons were a lie. They were vile people.