Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Moonbattery has a t-shirt “tribute” to Michael Moore.

Richard McEnroe has discovered a new contest that we will all want to enter.

And so it goes in Shreveport uncovers evidence that, when it comes to Gitmo, George Bush is playing mind-control games with Obama.

Trespasser, confronted by homeowner, locks himself in bathroom, dials 911, fearing that homeowner may own a gun.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin: nads the size of coconuts.

The Transportation Security Administration continues to demonstrate its kompetintz.


JeffS said...

* I entered the contest! I rather enjoyed NOT donating as well.

* Unfortunately, the pro-union protesters have the mind of a child. A spoiled child. They've redefined democracy as "OUR WAY OR NO WAY!!!"

* As for the TSA.....bravo to the AMTRAK police chief! Bravo!

bruce said...

Scott Walker shows how its done and gives us all hope.