Sunday, March 13, 2011


Obama is either a pathological liar, or an idiot if he truly believes the stuff he says.

Oh, and he’s also a deadbeat.

36 Chambers has the post title of the week.

Those evil Republicans might be trying to kill off cowboy poetry, but Smitty has saved a sample from obscurity.

Department of Stopped Clock, Right Twice a Day.

France – freakin’ France - is better at taking a strong foreign policy stance than the Obama administration.

I guess the moral is, if you’re emotionally dependent on an iguana, you might want to eat in.

Steve Burri identifies mysterious, blob-like humanoid.

Harriet Tibet gets dirty.

The Paco for President campaign continues to pick up steam: I now have the coveted Tizona endorsement! Meanwhile, some big-name supporters are whipping up enthusiastic crowds: for example, in Hoboken and Baton Rouge. We’re also making inroads in Illinois and Tennessee.


mojo said...

If you're emotionally dependant on an Iguana, you're out of luck. Iguanas don't emote much.

Hungry, horny and pissed off comprises their emotional range.

Jake G. said...

Thanks for the link!! Adding you to my blogroll!