Sunday, March 20, 2011


As Sisu points out, Sarah Palin is scoring big in India (the legacy media, of course, generally can’t be bothered).

Mark Steyn marvels at our very relaxed president.

A few terrific music videos from friend Swampy.

Stacy McCain looks at example #1,386 of England's increasing dhimmitude.

Troglopundit provides us with some interesting Automotivators (at least one of which may well motivate you to wash your eyes out with bleach).

BATF is, once again, gambling with people's lives.

Hey, who doesn’t love puppies?

Kae accomplishes the near-impossible: telling us what’s wrong with Kevin Rudd in less than one thousand words.

Boy on a Bike mulls over some of the strange and erratic leftist views on the use of military force.

The endorsements of my presidential bid just keep piling up!


JeffS said...

Sadly, CY's information about the BATF is unsurprising.

The public servants in the Federal government used to put the public first. No more.

Anonymous said...

The lady who runs the lunch truck worried over the radiation that was due to hit the west coast last Friday. Her proof of concern was that President Obama went to Brazil. I told her that foreign visits are not spur of the moment affairs, and that it was probably due to the opening of a new golf course.

Anyone want a "I survived the radiation" t-shirt? Bet I could have sold personal geiger counters. Another missed opportunity.

Deborah Leigh

bruce said...

I expected Indians to be charmed by Sarah Palin. (They liked GWB too). Glad to hear it. SP's adviser Rebecca Mansour is very smart. Indian supporters will not harm SP's US work at all. Too many Indo-Americans support the Dems, but SP is actually the type of leader middle class Asians prefer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paco! It's the LEAST I can do for the Cause.