Monday, March 28, 2011

Compare and contrast

The conservative Koch brothers – owners of Koch Industries, a huge energy and manufacturing conglomerate - are being attacked by the administration and its allies on the left because of their advocacy of smaller government, while big government collaborator GE basks in the rewards attendant upon its pursuit of the worst sort of crony capitalism. Healthy competitiveness vs. slick lobbying, two pillars of the free market system vs. Jeffrey “Quisling” Immelt, taxpayers vs. tax dodgers, producers vs. parasites.

Obama has turned the lights out in the kitchen, and the cockroaches are running amok. Let’s hope the 2012 election will prove to be a big dose of boric acid powder.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Paco, I now work for a Global Enterprize and am sorely disspointed with thsi croney capitalism.

RebeccaH said...

Boric acid and a really big shoe.