Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Obama continues his policy of insulting allies

I mean, this sure sounds like fightin' words to me :
Then Gillard asked the students if anybody had a question about Australia. An arm shot up: ''My family and I have been wondering for a little while: what is Vegemite?''

And thus the two world leaders spent the next couple of minutes riffing about Australia's iconic spread.

''It's horrible,'' Obama said.
Update: On the other hand, maybe he was provoked.

See something funny, Julia?

(H/T: R.C.)


cac said...

I'm afraid Paco that I'm on to you. I mean it was very cunning and everything. Pretending to loathe Obama and then releasing a drip feed of favourable information that no one could dispute because it came from an obvious "enemy".

Let's assess the Obama character as brought to you by the Political Attitudes Countered (Obama) group:
- left handed
- home brewer
- loathes vegemite

Sounds like a thoroughly decent chap to me. I'm just awaiting the news that he enjoys an occasional Romeo y Julieta (the real cuban article naturally) and I will be firmly convinced that America is indeed in a safe pair of hands.

Albury Shifton said...

Americans tend to try Vegemite the way they would anything else in a jar: take out a large spoonful and insert in mouth. No wonder they gag!

To try Vegemite in a safe and effective manner: butter some toast and then THINLY spread some vegemite over it.

Having seen Obama's profligate ways, I doubt he's spread anything thinly in his life.

RebeccaH said...

Birds of a feather, as they say.

Paco said...

Memo to cadre in re cac's comment: Flee, all is discovered!

Yojimbo said...

I hope that picture of her is not as bad as it looks. If it is close, she needs to have that finger loped off and fed to her.

Boy on a bike said...

Yojimbo, she should be short a finger then. She's a clueless little fabian socialist who recently did her best to stuff the War Memorial in Canberra by starving it of funds. Given the way she treats Australia's war dead, I have no doubt she was having a good cackle at yours.

bruce said...

Many apologies to American friends for our ditzy Prime Minister. She's been promoted way beyond level of competence. In saner times she would be running chook raffles at the pub. I mean she'd probably make a competent barmaid and that's about it.

bingbing said...

To be fair, it's doubtful you'd like Vegemite, Paco, even if it's a well-known FACT it's the most delicious stuff one can put on toast.

Boy on a bike said...

"Look at all these little scratches in this nice slab of granite. I've got just the thing to fill them in with - a jumbo jar of Vegemite. Good for all purposes".

Yojimbo said...

We'll survive one day with her but your Diggers deserve far better.

Anonymous said...

Julia couldn't comport herself as a head of state at such a somber place as the Vietnam Memorial is very telling. Perhaps her smile is at seening her reflection...much like a dog, cat or bird with a mirror. Or it could be just for the photo op.

We empathise with our Aussie friends.

Deborah Leigh

Merilyn said...

According to the news, Julia had a standing overation from your Congress.
Ummm, are you sure you don't want to keep her?
Julia can play football with Obama and keep him occupied.
Re the Vegemite, always spread thinly on your toast, and another dish you could try, is to put tomato, cheese and bacon on the thinly spread toast and place under the grill until the bacon is just crisp, yum.

Anonymous said...


I saw that photo of Julia and I assumed that as a (claimed) ex-socialist, she was secretly thinking, "ha ha my commie friends killed that one."

The image made my blood boil. I apologise on behalf of my Prime Minister.

Penguinator of Sydney

Anonymous said...

I notice the picture is reversed. I wonder why?


bingbing said...

Wasn't that congress have filled with staffers coz not many pollies could be bothered attending (not that you could blame them)?

mojo said...

You can sometimes get surprising results in an investigation if you send the suspects the equivalent of a "flee, all is discovered" note.

Just sayin'...

Now, about that Tardis key...