Sunday, March 13, 2011

PFP Media Manager named

That would be Col. Milquetoast, who has created this great poster (click to enlarge):


Yojimbo said...

"PFP"! What does pitchers fielding practice have to do with your campaign?

Bring back the smoking gun from one of your original posters.

Paco said...

Don't tread on my acronyms!

mojo said...

Can I be Chief Enforcer?

People say I have a talent for frightening abuses of raw power. In case it helps.

Paco said...

Mojo: Done.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Hi Paco,
It is my understanding that most billboard companies wouldn't accept the phrase "there's too much sh*t in Washington" so I had to make it a little more subtle but I think people will still understand.

Paco for President!

Bob Belvedere said...

I'm starting a special, outside non-profit to support you, my Soon-To-Be-CinC friend: Bitter Clinging Fedora Wearers For Paco. I just need to find the right Tiki Bar to host our meetings.

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