Monday, April 4, 2011

Barry tosses halo in ring

That's right, folks. Obama is lovin' the idea of four more years of unlimited golf, plenty of vacation time, and regiments of czars and advisers to make those pesky foreign policy and economic decisions that are so draining for an ultra-cool Lightworker.

Or should that be "light worker" - as in "Presidential position wanted: will consider a little light (White) House work"? Check out the preshizzle's reelection campaign video, courtesy of Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Ed's got exactly the right take:
Andrew Malcolm offers a humorous take on the ad by comparing it to a DeVry commercial, but the better analogy is to an erectile-dysfunction ad. In both cases, the product’s brand gets advertised without ever explicitly saying what exactly it does. Instead, we get plenty of warm and soft-focus cinematography along with knowing glances and a slightly self-conscious cast. And in both cases, prolonged effect is potentially dangerous and needs intervention from people who know better.

"I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Say, anybody else hear a train whistle?"


richard mcenroe said...

if you're on Twitter, search for #Obama2012Slogans

JeffS said...

Heh. Maybe there will be Hope And Change, after all!

SwampWoman said...

I spent $136 at the grocery store for a few items after filling up with $3.73 per gallon gas. The people in line at the grocery store were not at all happy with the prices, Obama, or any of the Federal government.

I'll be really surprised if violent protests don't start spontaneously breaking out before the end of summer.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds ya of "Smiling Bob" from those dysfunction commercials.

Swamp Woman, we filled up in Burbank, California last night for $4.07. Our electricity rates are through the roof. Walmart, is great for some inexpensive food products. But people won't riot or even protest. They will complain to the choir. Unfortunately.

Obama fulfilled these promises. Utilities would have to skyrocket. He was unhappy that gas wasn't higher than $4.00 the last time. And wouldn't mind if it was $7.00.

Obama slogan: "We are the world."

Deborah Leigh

SwampWoman said...

That green crap might fly in California but not here.

RebeccaH said...

Be prepared for the dirtiest political tricks you've ever seen. 2008 will seem like a Sunday School picnic.

bruce said...

Rebecca is right. This could be the dirtiest campaign ever.

Paco said...

Oh, without doubt.