Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canadian combat coffee

Mmm f***ing good, eh?

(Very strong language warning).

H/T: Gavin Atkins


JeffS said...


RebeccaH said...

That was f******g funny.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Canadian Election Update

I am a political junky and even I find this election the most boring ever. Not because there aren't important issues to discuss, and even an important central question to vote on, but that the opposition parties are simply playing a childish "throw mud around" game.

Iggy the Liberal, and his advisors, are picking every petty, gotcha opportunity possible to slander the Conservatives. Their adverts are the most lying, dishonest, attack ads I have seen, making out Conservative PM Stephan Harper eats babies for breakfast.... and they are, at the same time, accusing Harper of being negative. That evil Harper only wants power, they claim ominously, whilst in reality, the Liberals only ever want power. They give no reason why they should have it other than it's their natural ruling right.

The ads so far haven't had an impact (although they probably will, as these ads generally do); the Conservatives continue to be on the precipice of a majority (precipice for the Liberals). The Liberal establishment media here are beginning to froth at the mouth in panic of a Conservative majority.

Iggy the Liberal and his friends have already started wheeling out the older, previous, Liberal PMs to buttress their case, but I am not sure how effective a strategy this is as tghey are all remembered to be involved in very corrupt scandals, that the Conservatives have not been.

The majority may not happen; if so, then, despite outright denials, wait for a constituional crisis in Canada one month after the election, over a Coalition of Losers - including the separatists.


Robert of Ottawa said...

A Sun rises in the North

Dubbed "Foxnewsnorth| by the evil Canadian liberals

Paco said...

I've been reading Small Dead Animals and Five Feet of Fury, and this fellow Ignatieff sounds a bit of a tick. Do people really think he can run the government? (But then, I don't think Barack Obama could run a whorehouse on a Marine base, and he still got elected).

Minicapt said...

Of course he can run a government! He taught at Harvard!


Steve Skubinna said...

No way are those guys Canucks. Real Canadians are not funny.

kc said...

NO accent at all?

I'm skeptical.

Anonymous said...

Just had a flashback to Army days. Well, there goes all that therapy. Didn't know that anyone still used "blousers". Good thing for the Canadian, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to make their f*****g coffee, eh. Good for them.

Deborah Leigh