Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday funnies

Do you still doubt that Obama is fighting strawmen? Steve Burri has the photographic evidence.

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The legacy media may be cooperating in the apotheosis of Obama, but Jill Biden's on her own.

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Employment advice from wild man TimT.

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Bob Belvedere kicks in with the Paco campaign song.


A new star is rising in Blogdom
A Son of Liberty they say
His voice has the swell of a Paul Revere bell
And he’s making political hay

If you get a chance to support him
He’ll never forget and you’ll find
You’ll never go broke, if you vote for that bloke
Here’s something to fix in your mind…

Vote early and often for Paco
He’s bound to go places they say
He’s going to be Prez and the chances are fair
That he’ll be in The White House some day
He’s going to lower taxes all over
There never was no one like him
He charms all the voters like bird in the trees
He sounds like a guy with an Oxford degree
It’s fifty to one that our next Prez will be
The man in the pinstripe, so mark you ballots for him

St. Patrick in faraway Ireland
He drove out the snakes in a rout
And Paco they say, in the very same way
Will kick the Social Democrats out

The days of the Bolshes are numbered
They’re standing aghast in Georgetown
They’re all in retreat, up and down DC’s streets
With Paco, the whip will come down, so…

Vote early and often for Paco
Just wait ‘till you hear him campaign
He turns on the charm and the boys on the farm
Can hear him up Wisconsin way
He wears a fedora and shoots magnums
There never was no one like him
This Paco’s a winner whatever he tries
The sound of his voice brings tears to your eyes
They say he’s a cinch for the next Nobel Prize
It’s easy to see that our next Prez will be
The man in the pinstripe, so mark you ballots for him


Bob Belvedere said...

If I'm going to be in your cabinet, I figured I'd better start earning my keep - I can brown nose with the best of 'em.

Bob Belvedere said...

Hey, the WORD VERIFICATION word was 'adricons'. Does this mean you've got a good chance at getting the android vote?

Paco said...

I've got a lock on the android vote.