Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Dead!

Breaking news.

Killed a week ago, it seems. God bless our troops.

Update: Navy Seals got him.

Update II: Kathy Shaidle discovers a candidate for best comment.

Update III: Moe Lane has a video of the celebration at the Naval Academy. Gives me goose pimples.


JeffS said...

'Bout effing time!

Now, let's get the rest of the terrorists.

Yojimbo said...

True to form, President Worthless is waay late again for the announcement presumably making everyone wait on him.

And let's thank the Traitor president one more time for allowing this vermin to walk the streets when the government of the Sudan was willing to hand him over to the US government.

I'm certainly glad he's room temperature although it won't make a big difference in the field since most of his spawn have taken over and control most of the activities.

Some dimwit on CNN was talking about this helping our standing in the world. Considering that we are looking like the Keystone Cops in trying to bag a third rate nothing in Lybia lately I would withhold judgment on that.

Hope he died really slowly and very painfully.

Yojimbo said...

Nice campaign speech, they never stop positioning do they.

If you're wondering. US index futures are screaming to the upside with oil down to 112.75 after opening over 114. Gold and silver are cracking with the dollar reversing to the upside.

bruce said...

Allegedly killed in a mansion outside Islamabad.

Pakistan is surely the utterly worst 'ally' the US has ever had. Some 'friend'. I have absolutely no idea what can be done to change that though.

JeffS said...

Most the news sites are reporting Obama was shot in the head. Hopefully at close range, between the eyes.

bruce, methinks that Pakistan is going to get something out of this. Like, no more drone attacks.

JeffS said...

Yojimbo, did you notice how President Present quoted the Pledge of Allegiance? Sounds like he's feeling the heat from the common folks.

And I'm with you on the Keystone Cops routine; I keep on waiting for the clown car to burst onto the scene.

Yojimbo said...

TRJ: Yes, I convulsed at that as well. And the grand entrance and exit instead of just sitting in the Oval Office, that was pure political staging. Probably go the idea frm the Royal Wedding where everyone had to wait for the bride to drive up.

I hope he was hit in both knees and then the stomach before the head.

bruce said...

Plenty to be angry about -

OBL was apparently living in Abottabad, a luxurious former British Hill Station with an ideal climate [see founder Abbott's poem]

While our troops rough it in tents in sweltering hell holes.

richard mcenroe said...

Administration says Obama's corpse will be treated "in accordance with Islamic custom."

Hopefully like this one

Boy on a bike said...

It's a great start.

prairiecat55kc said...

A friend of mine - a peacenik - said it's only one.

But it's one.

A BIG one.

El Cid said...

As one indicated by one report the vile one’s death, is great news, BUT that doesn’t mean Al Qaeda is dead.

Don’t understand the “buried at sea” portions of reports, why on earth would anyone want to do that to the innocent creatures of the sea, is beyond me.

Brave men of our forces, congratulations on such fine work. Obama, on this I must give you creds, you ordered it done, our people did it.

GWB, hopefully a little piece of your heart and soul, will rest with some happiness.

Zawahiri, you’re next.

One more thing, Pakistan, you should be wiped from the globe..

Paco said...

El: Ace says maybe they dropped him in the Sea of Spoiled Pork.

RebeccaH said...

I have to give kudos to Obama (while I suck on a handful of Tums) for giving a speech that was fairly short, to the point, gave some deserved credit to Bush, and didn't dwell overlong on "I, me, my". Michelle must have been persuaded to bring out the riding crop.

I know, petty of me. But this is the day to cut loose and celebrate, no?