Monday, May 23, 2011

Brown nosing

I'm with Professor Jacobson ( "Bye-Bye Brown").
A "no" vote wasn't good enough, you had to do it in a way so as to damage fellow Republicans by playing into the false Democratic narrative. You are a hero for your op-ed, but not to the people who supported you.
Yes, yes, it was good to see even a nominal Republican win in Massachusetts, and it was especially schadenfreude-tastic to see Brown capture the senate seat once held down by Ted Kennedy's ample bottom. And he did cast a vote in a losing effort against Obama Care. But in attacking Paul Ryan's entitlements reform plan, while offering no alternative of his own - save for the most transparent of all Washington scams: eliminating "waste, fraud and abuse" - Brown has firmly established himself as part of the problem, an unthinking enabler of the coming collapse. If there ever is a straight up-and-down vote on repealing Obama Care in some future Republican-dominated senate, I wouldn't be surprised to see Brown reverse his previous stance and support the damned thing.

Brown may be the best Republicans can do in Massachusetts, but we shouldn't fool ourselves: his usefulness in the kind of gigantic effort that it will take to turn the country from its headlong rush to disaster is almost nil.

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bruce said...

This type of thing happens a lot now.

It's like in Day of the Triffids(?) You see someone who may be helpful, only to realise when you get closer they have the zombified look too.

(In Triffids they went blind from watching the meteor shower...)