Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chicago lawyer accuses opponent of, er, funbaggery

I bet they don’t teach this stuff at Harvard:
A Chicago lawyer says his opponent in a small claims case is using an unfair tactic by sitting a buxom woman next to him at counsel's table.

Attorney Thomas Gooch says the woman's sole purpose "is to draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings" — a dispute over a used car. He asks Cook County Circuit Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers to order the woman to sit in the gallery with other spectators.
H/T: Overlawyered

Update: Indefatigable cyber detective, Captain Heinrichs, has an important update.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Now if there is a post or article that cries out for illustration it is this one. How can we assess the accuracy of the claims without visual confirmation.

Anonymous said...

What kind of car is it?
This is an important consideration if we are to claim any connection to the Hawk of Iowa.

JeffS said...

Indeed, MCB, Esq. We must confirm the veracity of this tale.


richard mcenroe said...

The court rules, "Shut up, counselor."

RebeccaH said...

What, was she sitting there falling out of her blouse, what? Sounds to me like Lawyer Gooch was the one most distracted.

JeffS said...

Gooch was jealous, Rebecca.

Minicapt said...



JorgXMcKie said...

I probably shouldn't mention this, but a couple of years ago I was on the jury in a lengthy trial [24 days] and one of the defendant's lawyers was a relatively attractive woman of some 40 years or so, and on at least a half dozen days of the trial, especially those in which she was questioning witnesses, she wore very sheer blouses which showed quite definite 'nipplage'. Her 'headlights' were *always* on.

Truth to tell, while it was visually appealing it certainly didn't seem appropriate in a trial where the plaintiff was asking for in excess of $115M.

Oh, and we were told by the judge that we were the only all-male jury he had had in over 22 years on the bench. Go figure.

bruce said...

Yeah well I was a juror in a 'red light district' crime 30 yrs ago, and 3 scar-faced bullnosed, footballer- sized detectives, real old school, sat opposite us jurors and grinned insanely at us through the trial. Arms round each other like the 3 stooges, after each one gave evidence with a sneer. Intimidated? Yep.