Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday movie

Bob Mitchum, in a scene from Out of the Past, figures out he’s being set up as the fall guy.


mojo said...

A great film.

The river, BTW, is the middle fork of the American. I can tell by the collapsed granite domes that form the riverbed.

And BTW - didn't Kirk Douglas give the most unbelievable demurrer you've ever seen?

"Why, no, no hard feelings! Just because you ran away to Olde Mehico with the babe and got seriously busy? Pshaw! I'd never dream of having the boys drag you outside and string you up by the gonads from the nearest lodge-pole pine..."

Paco said...

One of my favorite movies.

Nashville Beat said...

He was a seriously underrated actor. He also had a pretty good singing style: