Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama doesn’t want to spike the football (unless it’s an “own goal”)

Moonbattery points out that, while the preshizzle doesn’t want to inflame Muslim sensibilities by releasing photos of the dead bin Laden, he’s fine with pouring gasoline on the fire by releasing 2,000 pictures of alleged abuse at American prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ah, the savory smell of barbecued hypocrisy!

Update: We may not have photos of the dead bin Laden, but, thanks to Steve Burri, we do have a picture of the bullet that took him out.

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Yojimbo said...

The investigations of the CIA staff are not closed yet either. Conceivably, he could be prosecuting the people who obtained the leads that led to the mission.

Just an update to the "Ghost of Christmas Future" file. Obama met with select 9/11 families today in New York. One of those attending was on Hannity this afternoon. She indicated that he was very cordial and went out of his way to hug everyone in line. Fine as far as that goes but he showed up with a photographer and a videographer who recorded every one of those hugs and smiles. Care to guess where that will resurface down the line? They really don't miss a trick.