Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama’s energy policy leading to implementation of third world farming techniques

In… Wisconsin.


JeffS said...

I wish to thank, once again, all the idiots who voted for Obama in 2008.

Steve Burri said...

Good deal! Now my degree in Oxen Rustling will finally come in handy!

BBQ at Grandpa Steve's house! (BYOB!)

rinardman said...

Someone named "Nina" posted this comment: I do not look at this as a “green” thing. This is about survival and YES a family can survive on 80 acres.

OK, so there's about 308 million peeps in the U.S. And, a rapidly dwindling 920 million acres of farmland. Assuming a average family has four members, that works out to about 12 acres per family, using normal math.

Is she using some special "Progressive" math?


RebeccaH said...

And, of course, if you were a green farmer, you could get rid of your water lines and just use outhouses and water from the creek (if you boil it). Forget electricity, kerosene lanterns were good enough for our ancestors and so was hauling wood in for cooking and heating, but only in the kitchen. There's a reason they invented quilts, you know. Greenies would probably object to the wood chopping and burning, though.

Yep. Lean "forward", win the "future", and "progress". Straight back to the 19th century.

richard mcenroe said...

Since we're adopting Third World farming policies and practices,what say we adopt the one where we drive the professors and students of UW Madison out into the fields to labor for the People, along with Wisconsin's other faux intellectuals? Finally, a use for hipsters!

TW:fistr Hey, don't drag Van Jones into this...

prairiecat55kc said...

Trees for wood? TWELVE acres for the whole family, including the oxen?

Trees where I'm from are a rare sight...think the original "Little House On The Prairie" - sod house & all. And those big animals can eat their grass from a LOT of acreage.

What dolts.

WV: "scraveer" - dunno what it is, but I really like the word!

Anonymous said...

Obama should be the first to sign up for this silliness. Can't you imagine him in the fields with Michelle and the kids. Nah. Michelle would do a Maria Shriver on him.

They've already stolen the land. Do the prospective farmers get "free" oxen like folks got "free" golf carts?

Deborah Leigh

Robert of Ottawa said...

Hell, who said the Oxen technology was acceptable.

We should return to our roots and abolish agriculture, a that changes the environment more than any other activity.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Oh come on Rinardman, you know damn well she is using post-modern math.