Monday, May 2, 2011

Tories win in Canada

Hey, where's commenter Robert Blair? You're supposed to be reporting on this stuff, buddy.


JeffS said...

Probably busy celebrating, Canadian style.

How does that work? Generally, lots of alcohol is involved. The rest, I leave to your imaginations.

Old Sailor Man said...

The second, albeit lesser, part of a double whammy blow by human beings against the forces of darkness. BZ Canada!! Madam OSM is a Nova Scotian.

PM Harper has humiliated the Liberals and Bloc Quebecoise (aka Separatistes) with their leaders losing their seats. Ignatovitch or whatever its name is appears to me as an absolute stereotype of the self-styled eleet intalekchul rooling klaass who thinks its sh*t smells like roses.

Only downside appears to be the elevation of the New Democrat soft left do-gooders to the status of Official Opposition, and the election of a greenie in BC.

Great stuff. Went to see PM Harper when he addressed a joint sitting of Parliament here in Canberra in in JWH's time. Quite clear we were seeing and hearing a grown-up.

Pray for it to happen in OZ....soon!!

Minicapt said...

1. The Dippers are now 70% new MPs, experience may be a problem.
2. Of their 103 MPs, 58 are out of Que, all but 2 being new. Traditionally, the NDP was a party from the West.
3. Mr Layton has had 30 years of running against the status quo. Now he will be expected to propose alternative quos.
4. Lizzie May is a motor mouth.


Robert of Ottawa said...

If you mean me, the reason is that I am in Italy, working 10 hours a day to get a bloody prototype working. I wish I was at the celebration - I've worked years for a Conservative majority and finally I was successful :-)

Canadian Election Update

Well, on the same day OBL was assissinated, so was Liberal Count Iggy by teh electorate. He lost his own seat.

I was amazed to see teh 166 seat majority. This is quite an historic election.

The BQ has been eliminated as a force; a majority real conservative party, not a Liberal-in-blue-suites conservative party. Public taxpayer support of political parties will be ended - Oh, I can hear the screams now :-)

The Liberals will take a generation to recover, if ever. The Dippers will never become government, they are raving socialist loonies.

The thee loser coalition members split the vote between them

The only bad piece of news was that awful Elizabeth MayGreen got a seat; she the leader of the party for voles and holes, but not people.

Turnout was 60%. The COnservatives got 40%. The cities of Vancouver and Toronto caved.

Paco said...

I'm sorry, I meant Robert of Ottawa.