Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trump explains his hair

Sure, buddy. I still say it's lycanthropy.

Hair Update: An Australian football player is ejected from match due to "dangerous hair".


JeffS said...

Yes, I can see why Trump considers himself Presidential material.

I don't agree that he is Presidential material. I can just see why he thinks so.

RebeccaH said...

I don't think "comb-over" means what The Donald seems to think it means.

Anonymous said...

The Aussie player shouldn't have been ejected. Now the judges decide this. Hopefully they have a talk with the ump.

Reminds me of the high school senior in Conneticut who was banned from the senior prom, because he taped letters to the front of the building asking a girl to senior prom. He's a advanced placement student. There was no harm to the building. There is a rightful firestorm that this has ignited. Tate has over 162,000 supporters from across the world. Go Tate! Maybe he should have an alternative prom.

Deborah Leigh