Monday, May 16, 2011

Tyranny always starts with the French fries

I'm just surprised to find this happening in Texas.


JeffS said...

They're spending more money on measuring a problem than they are on solving the problem.

No doubt I'm reactionary, but it strikes me that simply serving a balanced meal will solve the problem.

And if the rug rats don't want to eat a balanced meal? They go hungry. I seem to recall that this approach does work, as draconian as it may seem.

mojo said...

"Careful, son, or you might accidentally get gravy all over the bar code."


"Well, then we'd have to take you down in the basement for an EST session. Comrade."

RebeccaH said...

Good grief, what next? Video cameras in the kids' bedrooms to make sure they're getting enough sleep?

Anonymous said...

Just one more step over the line. The government should stay out of this. It isn't their business to tell parents what to feed their kids, or what the parents should eat. They wonder why weren't not doing well academically. It's not the food.

Years ago, Barbara Lee, a California state politician decided that there should be a tax on drinks with sugar, like sodas. She didn't think of the juices. I called her office to say that it would be nice if someone followed her around and watch what the dumbest elected official was eating.

The future seems to be that people (not just kids) will be allowed to eat only prescribed items after being weighed.

Deborah Leigh