Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you feel safer today?

Me neither.


JeffS said...

The federal government is not trying to protect the American people; the federal government is trying to intimidate the American people.

rinardman said...

Another example of a good idea, poorly implemented.

When did common sense become not PC?


Kartman said...

I agree with JeffS. The federal government is not trying to protect us. If so the borders would be secure but when Az. tried to pass laws to protect themselves, Holder and Obama took the side of Mexico. What kind of leaders are these people?

Another problem that will continue to grow is gangs of young people roaming the streets intimadating the residences of different cities. According to Drudge, in Peoria, they were marching the streets shouting "kill all white people." Has Al of Jesse condemned this behavior? I have not heard that they have. In Phil. a gang of teens beat a woman so bad her leg was broken. I know that a small percent of todays youth participate in this kind of behavior, but this cannot continue.

SwampWoman said...

I feel a LOT safer! I'm not flying or, indeed, taking any public transportation until the government grows a brain and starts searching the actual demographic responsible for the crimes.

And it isn't 95-year-old ladies confined to wheelchairs dying from leukemia.

Oh, and states that depend on tourists? How much money do you think you're losing from the people refusing to submit to this?