Friday, June 17, 2011

Jon Huntsman: Recognized by 32% of the people who were at his last family reunion

Pat Austin is unimpressed with the coming announcement by Huntsman that he will be running for president.

I'm with Pat. The news of a Huntsman candidacy resonates with me in the same way that the chance awareness of a traffic jam in far-off Omaha would. Besides, I am inherently distrustful of a fellow who spells his first name as "Jon". Minimalist pretentiousness, it seems to me. Oh, I know: his parents are the ones who are responsible. But this is America. A man who lacks the ambition to acquire that all-important 'h' simply doesn't have the requisite fire in the belly to be running for president.

Oh, and of course he's a RINO.


Kevin Feasel said...

On the bright side, he should split the part of the vote that goes out and looks for the best-looking white guy with media-friendly opinions. I'm sure Mitt Romney thought he had that faction locked up...

Paco said...

Good point.

KurtP said...

Jon Huntsman- the 0bama man in China-
is he the real Manchurian candidate?

Minicapt said...

I understand where you are coming from.


RebeccaH said...

Who's Jon Huntsman?

(I kid)

(No, I don't, who is Jon Huntsman?)

KurtP said...

Jon Huntsman is a RINO who bought (how else)his ambassadorship to China when Het iWON ascended to his proper place in DeeCee.

Minicapt said...

1. Savile Row tailors:
2. Or:
3. He chases the dogs: "The huntsman, often the same person as the kennelman, is responsible for directing the hounds in the course of the hunt. The Huntsman usually carries a horn to communicate to the hounds, followers and whippers in."


Anonymous said...

I've got my RINO permit right here. They really look great, Paco. Did take awhile to get it though. They kept putting an "H" in it. Now all I need it that Political Activted Culling other words, that really big varmit gun.

Kevin, I hope that we don't split but rather get a good Conservative candidate out of this field. Right now, the mainstream has so many targets that they don't know what to do. But very soon, someone will have to come to the fore for a chance of victory.

Deborah Leigh