Saturday, June 25, 2011

Never mind about high gasoline prices

Lance Burri has discovered a for more ominous threat.


RebeccaH said...

Coffee prices are killing my family (I myself never liked coffee so I'm unaffected by that, but tea is going up too).

We sure took a lot for granted until we elected Obamessiah (and by "we", I don't mean me).

Paco said...

All the bad things that we "extremists" predicted are coming true. I want this execrable man out of the White House more than anything else - politically - I've ever wanted.

Kartman said...

The day after Obama was elected was a very depressing day for me. I taught school and the black students were celebrating but I felt terrible. I feel even worse now and hope some of the black parents of my former students will not vote for him again. I agree with you. I want him defeated more than anything that I have ever wanted politically.

Anonymous said...

Guess it costs more for Juan Valdez' retirement than previously thought. This means that for coffee drinkers, it's back to pre-used grounds and paper towels. Gotta have something with the mac 'n cheese.

Why no protests? No pleading with The One for relief?

The thought of this man in charge for four more years is more frightening than anything Hollywood or a novelist could deam up. Unfortunately, this nightmare could come to fruition. The sand of the election hourglass are racing by.

Deborah Leigh

Minicapt said...



Steve Skubinna said...

That's a relief! For an instant I was fearful for our precious bodily fluids!