Monday, June 27, 2011

News from all over

Hey, who’s up for moving the Dodgers back to Brooklyn? The Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy.

Good news for lonely male sharks.

Callipygian update: Kim Kardashian’s butt is not only huge, but 100% natural.

Pinch Sulzberger prepares the New York Times for a kamikaze mission (it’ll be spectacular, Pinch, but remember: you can only do it once).

Captain Consensus rebranding himself as Chief Lone Wolf.

Bashar al-Assad turns to elf power to improve Syrian regime’s international image.


rinardman said...

A question about the NYT: is it still relevant to anyone with a brain, living outside of NYC?

Being from low-sloping forehead country, I don't have much exposure to it's influence.


rinardman said...

And, did anyone else notice something very unusual about the story of the 300 new species in the Philipines?

I was shocked!


Paco said...

Rinardman: Being a "sloper" myself, I'm afraid I jest ain't fit to comment on the Nyew Yawk Ti-ums.

Paco said...

Well, this might not be what you're getting at, but I did notice that all of this teeming life is flourishing in a warm environment.

rinardman said...

...I did notice that all of this teeming life is flourishing in a warm environment.

If you're saying a Global-warming environment, you'd be close.

What I noticed was, it wasn't pointed out that most of these new species will become extinct by 2050, due to the coming Global Warming extinction event.

Charles Q. Choi will be hearing from the Global Warming authorities about this oversight!


JorgXMcKie said...

If Kookcinich 'finds' any facts in Syria or Lebanon they'll be pretty much the first ones he's been in contact with in quite some time.

And the NYT can't get flushed soon enough for me, but I'm a bitter clinger [guns, not bibles].

And JEF "trusting his instincts"? O.M.F.G. Just when I thought it couldn't get much worse. His narcissism is growing into full-blown megalomania.