Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One of the many things I love about baseball…

…is the multitude of wonderful, and frequently goofy, stories that have a way of developing flashpoints of contemporary relevance, even as time marches relentlessly on.


Minicapt said...

So, will he rise to his uncle's greatness?
Will his stature exceed that of his uncle?


Paco said...

His accomplishments may well dwarf those of his uncle's.

rinardman said...

Swerving OT a bit, but I always thought Eddie was a...well, the "M" word. But, I just discovered that term is now considered offensive to....someone, so cannot be used in polite society.

And since Paco Enterprises is the epitome of polite society, I won't utter it here.

How much longer till the only non-pejorative will be "human"?


Yojimbo said...

Has not relevance to today, just my favorite baseball story.

Dizzy Dean was hit in the head with a throw while sliding into second base. The headline in the paper the next morning:"X-rays of Dean's head reveal nothing."