Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pope’s first tweet

A historic moment for the Vatican.

In reality, that’s the first papal tweet that received press coverage. He did his first actual tweet a month ago, which caused me no little embarrassment:
LOL! No way Paco Enterprises is getting rights to a worldwide dealer network for selling papal indulgences.
The Holy Father also sent me a direct message on Facebook shooting down a proposal for a television program that would be produced by a three-way partnership composed of him, me and Donald Trump (You’re Excommunicated!).

He’s a tough sell, no two ways about it.


richard mcenroe said...

How are you gonna impress him when you ignored an OBVIOUS smash reality show hit, The Tiber Shore?

rinardman said...

Or, a surefire Catholic hit - Survivor: Vatican City

mojo said...

Indulgences are soooo 14th century.

Here's MY plan: electronic "Get Out of Hell Free" cards. Little ones, that you can hang on a key-chain in order to impress your friends. Assuming, of course, you have any.

Hey, it's not like they can sue when they find out it's worthless, y'know?