Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So, what's your handle?

You've read, of course, about the lesbian Syrian blogger hoax? Tim Blair invites us all to come out of the closet and name ourselves.

Frankly, the first comment over there was so funny I despaired of competing:
Commenter Case of Melbourne: "I use the name of the street I live in and the cigarette I smoke - Beaver Holiday."
Although, following his model...hmmm...Winchester Leghorn...sounds more like a porn name, actually.


Steve Burri said...

Milton, Milton 4 Aces

Mikael said...

For me, that would be Kings Roars.
At least they used to. Now it's up to us.
(Disclaimer: I cheated a bit by sanding the St away on the last bit. Funny game, none the less.)

richard mcenroe said...

Remington North-Hollywood.

Steve Skubinna said...

Winchester Leghorn? Big game hunter. Race car driver. Mining prospector. Oil rig fire fighter. Texas lawman.

Definitely not a lesbian name, though.

So let's see... I get to be Hawksview, ummm... I don't smoke cigarettes, although a good cigar is not out of the... okay:

Hawksview Montecristo.

Absolutely not a lesbian name.

Minicapt said...

"Hawksview Montecristo" ... sounds like a Gertrude Stein character.


prairiecat55kc said...

But I don't smoke!

Mr. Bingley said...

Fooey Shawnee

WV: "mythe"

well then, my Les Handle should be then "Mythe Fooey Shawnee"

which sadly fits

missred said...

pet + smokes = fritzi marlboro
spokeshave just wouldnt do as a name

Paco said...

Miss Red: Looks like a winnah!

mojo said...

How about Foghorn Leghorn?

Never mind the lawsuits.

(I say, I say you're TOO SHORT, boy! The fast ones go right over yer haid..."

SB: ascal
No R...

JeffS said...

Sucia Beau. From two streets that I've lived on over the years.

(No smoke I.)