Friday, June 24, 2011

Where is Hugo?

The Conservatory ponders the mystery of Hugo Chavez' great silence. He checked into a Cuban hospital a couple of weeks ago [digression: Why? I thought Cuba had sent several hundred doctors to Venezuela] for what appeared to be relatively minor surgery, and a series of announcements of his imminent return to Venezuela have turned out to be mistaken.

His malady, incidentally, is said to have been a pelvic abscess: probably the result of sitting on his fat ass in front of a microphone several hours a day, haranguing his unfortunate countrymen on television and radio.

While nothing would give me greater happiness than to learn that angels had wafted him to his eternal reward, I suspect his prolonged silence is just showmanship - building up a state of suspense prior to a flashy and triumphant return home. Although there is a rumor (there is now, anyway) that he was accidentally sent to the dissection lab at a veterinary hospital in Santiago de Cuba.


Steve Skubinna said...

I bet he went to Havana because that's where the nearest Swiss MD was located.

Kartman said...

He probably met his friend Danny Glover for some deep sea fishing after recovering from surgery. Maybe the angels will take both the American haters away.

RebeccaH said...

He went to Cuba because he couldn't be sure that Venezuelan doctors wouldn't just "accidentally...oops" let a knife slip.

Michael Lonie said...

Is it too much to hope for that Hugo and that old butcher had a quarrel and Castro threw him into prison on the Isle of Pines?

Yeah, it probably is. I'll bet Paco nailed it: building up susense for a return as El Boca Grande.

Anonymous said...

Kartman, is that a deep sea fishing trip like Bin Laden was given? Hope so. Maybe they can invite Sean Penn, Shela Jackson Lee, and a few other "friends".

Angels aren't coming for Hugo and his ilk. At least not the harp playing kind.

Deborah Leigh