Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is anybody else beginning to find Muslim outrage pretty outrageous?

Doug Giles takes a look at the latest cause of high dudgeon among our Islamic friends, Catholic symbols at Catholic University:
It seems that an investigation has been sparked by Muslim “outrage” against a Catholic university (called Catholic University) for being, well, Catholic. Evidently Muslim students feel their human rights have been violated by not getting special digs on campus, minus Catholic imagery, to do their daily prayers on college grounds.

Let’s see, what can I compare this situation to? Hmmm. Dig deep, Doug, dig deep. Channel your inner Dennis Miller. I’ve got it! That’s like going to Hooters and being offended at all the bodacious hooters bouncing about. People don’t go to Hooters for their chicken wings; it’s called Hooters. Hoot-ers. Hooters. Geez, people. What the heck did you expect, students? It’s called Catholic University for a reason.

Human rights violated? That’s rich. Yes, let’s talk about human rights violations with Islam, shall we? How many Christians were killed in Egypt this week?
Doug also describes what he thinks the university's reaction should be:
Look, I’m not a Catholic and don’t work for good old CU, but if I did I’d be ticked and would stand my Catholic ground. I’d start swinging incense pots like a ninja warrior working a pair of nunchucks at any group trying to eradicate our cherished traditions and vision for our established university.
Splendid imagery. I think we should avoid showing undue deference to the members of a religion, many of whose homelands discourage or prohibit even the private practice of Christianity, and actively persecute non-Muslims. Perhaps I'll be a little more receptive to Muslim grievances when the Catholic archbishop of Saudi Arabia sends me a letter of remonstrance.


mojo said...

Yeah, enrolling in a place named "Catholic University", then getting "offended" at finding Catholic iconography there is pretty much the height of idiocy.

For now, anyway. I expect more and better idiocy from our peace-loving Islamic brethren daily.

JeffS said...

I found it outrageous years ago. They're playing the victim card here, and I call bulls**t.

This is not unlike where one of the news networks sent a Muslim into a few NASCAR races, just to see if they could provoke an incident. That didn't work, so here they are, trying a different tack.....while still playing the victim card.

I can't recall which channel, but there's a documentary currently on the boob tube, where Muslim women go around the country speaking (read "preaching") against Islamophobia, in part by trying to shame Americans by implying that's a form of racism. Which makes Muslims "victims".

Racism is indeed alive and well in this country -- it's practiced by Islamofascists and their dhimmis (a/k/a, leftie).

RebeccaH said...

I just saw a video clip of the Egyptian military running over Egyptian Coptic Christians with a tank. Not feeling the love for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage right now (or ever).

bruce said...

Agree, and related: I never thought I'd ever agree with Bill Maher on anything but he makes a fine and damning point here (about Middle Eastern Muslim culture in particular).

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

It turns out that it wasn't a Muslim who made this request - merely a Secularist using Muslims as an excuse to do so.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...