Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oakland’s Occupy site now unoccupied

Zombie has an excellent photo essay concerning the Occupy Oakland site.

Which has now been tear-gassed by the police (great videos at the link).


rinardman said...

I hope the OPD minds their manners in the future.

If not, they'll learn you don't mess with a geek with handcuffs....and the ability to use'em!

bruce said...

First law of live TV - think before you speak.

'I give you 24 hours'

or what?

'Or I'm gonna come down there'


'And arrest all you....arresters'

because arresting is bad, except when it's good - when I do it, like y'know, whatever...

Anonymous said...

Funny how people who are protesting corporations and banks are using all the stuff including cardboard and pallets from corporations to protest.

Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villaraigosa, or Phony Tony as we like to call him, is in a bit of a conundrum. He supports OLA, of course, since they are radical Lefties after his own MeCHa heart, but they're doing alot of damage to the City Hall grounds. He said it is tens of thousands of dollars, but the grounds keepers estimate over $400,000. Guess that is tens of thousands in his terms.

I've got an easy solution. No sleeping on the streets after dark. It worked for Rudy Guillani. But my bet is that Tony doesn't have the cajones (balls for you red blooded Americans) to give 'em the boot. I'd love to be wrong. Officer Hickory needs to get out more.

Deborah Leigh