Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rakin' it in

One of the most damning pieces of evidence of Washington's corruption is the wealth of its population.
According to the latest Census figures, Washington, D.C. is now the wealthiest metropolitan area in the United States.

That's good news for local property values, but I can't say it fills me with hometown pride. After all, Silicon Valley's wealth was earned -- just rewards voluntarily given for producing innovations that have dramatically improved our lives.

In contrast, D.C.'s prosperity reflects a parasite economy that battens on wealth created by others. We live in a vast, metastasizing tick of a city, swollen on the lifeblood it drains from the body politic.


rinardman said...

Yeah, I tried to get one of those cushy gov't jobs, about twenty years ago. I had the education and experience, but not the right skin color or sex organs. EEO seems to be more equal for some than others.

Does that sound bitter?

missred said...

i too tried to get one of those cushy gov't jobs two years ago - i may have the right sex organs, but i am sure not the right skin color. i also believe that advertising for the job publically was just for show - they tend to hire from within.