Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday funnies

Hmmm. A toddler's rules of possession strongly resemble the ideology of the Occupods.

Moonbattery has a hilarious photo of Neil Armstrong and John Boehner. (BTW, what is it with Boehner and the overactive tear ducts?)

Shocking discovery made by European bureaucrats: water does not prevent dehydration.

Border patrol in the Obama Administration:

Update - Great moments in rhetoric: The "Gettysburg Address" of the Occupy movement (H/T: Jazz Shaw at Hot Air).

Update II - Iowahawk, with apologies to Allan Sherman.


RebeccaH said...

On reading that Occupy screed, I really can't tell if they're satirizing leftism, or just crazy.

Paco said...

Loved the bit about us living in "Orson Welles' world". Not sure whether the author was confusing Welles with George Orwell, or whether he seriously believes bankers are akin to predatory martians.

bruce said...

Sounded like a spoof as he refused to be corrected on 'Orson Welles who wtote books about 1984' but then he went seriously 1930's with:

'we are living in a Rothschilds world'

Spent an hour with Prof Norm Geras walking around Sydney Opera House, and he lamented 'It's just like the 1930's...' with the same slogans!

rinardman said...

The water/hydration thingy...probably the EU's beer/wine lobby complaining about competition from bottled water.

If that's the Occupier's "Gettysburg Address", Abe just rolled over in his grave.

TimT said...

Maybe he was also thinking about H G Wells. It's a telling mistake to make. The confusion about 'people or person revolting' was excellent too.

I hope whoever wrote that is all right, he seems extremely paranoid in the way that you'd expect a mentally ill person to be.

Paco said...

Tim: H.G. Wells would also explain the Occupod's feverish allusion to a world invaded by aliens. If, of course, that's what he meant. Who knows? Maybe, instead of H.G.'s novel or Orson's radio program, he was thinking of Citizen Kane and its egomaniacal plutocrat.