Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am warmenist, hear me roar!

I don’t know if anyone is keeping a comprehensive list, but these are some of the things being held out by various cli-fi barkers as having been caused by global warming:

Heat waves
Cold snaps
Dead polar bears
Melting glaciers
Al Gore’s successful dodging of complete obscurity (I believe that one)

And – an interesting new addition - man-eating lions


RebeccaH said...

We in SW Ohio are having a warmer (note I do not say "warm") December, owing to whatever Latin American nonsense is going on in the Pacific at the moment), and today I saw a black widow spider on the back door screen... in December. Very sluggish it was, and I was tempted to kill it, but figured Mother Gaia would do that for me soon enough.

I'm not particularly concerned about man-eating lions in Tanzania at the moment. If the possums that have invaded my kitchen through the dog-door in previous years reappear and turn man-eaters, then I think we'll have something.

JeffS said...

Animals can taste stupid.

Especially if we feed warmenistas to them. Aren't the polar bears starving?

bruce said...

Foxes used to dance merrily through the forest having tea parties, then evil clueball worming came along and they 'suddenly' started attacking henhouses. Horrors! It's unheard of!

Yojimbo said...

TRJ has explicated the perfect Two Birds With One Stone approach.

If we let all of plar bears starve there won't be any excuses left not to drill.


If we feed the wawrmies to the polar bears there won't be anyone left to complain about or oppose the drilling.

Merry Christmas to the polar bears.
Who said conservaties don't have a sensitive caring side.

Yojimbo said...

That's "polar" and "conservatives"

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... Paco, isn't that the same list that the Goricle used for Global Cooling/Global Ice Age/Global Y'll Gonna Freeze to Death in __Years?

Yojimbo, I like the two-fer!

How many Africans have to be eaten by lions before it becomes that they've turned "man-eating"? In other words, how many for an epidemic? And why are the Libs upset since they are for population control?

Old Sailor Man said...

This should satisfy your wildest desires.....
( I don't have the computer skills to do a link.)
We could do with some bloody gorebal wormenising down here in Oz!!!
But more important than this lefty sh*t, People Against Christmas Obliteration wish Paco, his family, and legions of admirers a joyous Christmas and the very best for the New Year.
happy holidays my ar*e.

Paco said...

Thankee, Old Sailor Man! Same to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... Old Sailor Man, wish there was a way to send you some, but our supply didn't arrive either. It's hard for the pensioners. There were places that cut the heating oil aid. As the saying goes, "Kill a human, save a poley."

People Against Christmas Obliteration is a great movement!

From this member of the Paco Legion, may you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012!

dan said...

The Next Big Genre: 'Cli-Fi' -- Climate Fiction, in Which 'Mad Max' Meets 'The Road'
...see POLAR CITY RED by Okalahoma writer Jim Laughter, due out on Earth Day in April, a fiction novel about global warming's very real future and what future scenario for USA might look like

dan said...

“It’s for my four grandkids. I hope it helps to wake the world up, too!”

“Polar City Red” is a not book written by a scientist, ”since I am no scientist,” Laughter is quick to add. “But I am approaching the story as a family man concerned about the future of our planet. If my sci-fi story can reach a small audience at first and later reach an even greater readership worldwide in translation, I’ll be happy.”

Laughter says ”Polar City Red” is just a good old-fashioned yarn for the average lay person, but adds: “I’m sure scientists many times smarter than I am will read the book and say, ‘I could have said that better.’ But I hope climate researchers will also enjoy the book, without being too critical. Hollywood screenwriters might want to take a peek, too. It’s the day after ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ but based on global warming rather than global cooling. I think a visionary film director could have a field day with this.”

Laughter says that as a fiction writer he is straddling the fence. “I hope the message I’m trying to convey isn’t overshadowed by criticism and skepticism from climate denialists and skeptics,” Laughter says.

“You never know when a scientist or activist studying global warming might read something in the book and realize their life hasn’t been wasted trying to warn humankind of our folly when we burn billions of tons of fossil fuels every year and expend dangerous levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Global warming is no laughing matter.”

Or so says Jim Laughter.

“I’m not smart enough to scientifically explain the intricacies of global warming,” Laughter adds. “But neither am I stupid enough to ignore the signs around me. I’ve driven through a few stop signs and traffic lights in my life, only to be stopped by policemen alert to the situation. The human race had better start paying attention to the signs around us if we want to leave a habitable planet for generations to come.”

Sci-fi and cli-fi fans will likely be the first and most avid readers of "Polar City Red" since it's set in a "Mad Max" kind of climate dystopia just outside Fairbanks in the not so distant future.

One might think of it as a marriage between Mel Gibson's "Mad Max" franchise and Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Road."

Is it science? No, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that climate chaos is going to have a direct – and chilling -- impact on the entire planet, and especially on the Lower 48 and our 49th state, Alaska.

For now, Laughter's book is just an old-fashioned cli-fi yarn, so there's nothing to be afraid of.

Still, it's "Soylent Green" food for thought for the day after "The Day After Tomorrow." I'm not afraid, but I'm worried. James Lovelock is, too! Are you?