Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, lady, maybe your husband is just a lazy bastard, or a boozer

Obama gives an odd response to a woman who says her engineer husband can't find a job.


JeffS said...

"You lie!"

And that's the truth.

As for President Present's "unlikely" shtick...that depends on the engineering degree, professional experience, and ..... drum roll! ..... seniority of the person in question. As a rule, firms prefer to hire engineers right out of school, because they're cheaper. Senior or highly specialized engineers (e.g., "semiconductor engineers") have a harder time.

And the lady is right -- a lot of the electronic manufacturing is being sent overseas. That's probably why her husband is unemployed.

Obama is a genius in the way he can insult people, isn't he?

mojo said...

"Has he tried making a large donation to my re-election fund?"

RebeccaH said...

Such a classy man. Just a regular credit to the nation.


El Cid said...

Rebecca, right you are. Kenya is mighty proud.