Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Smitty angling for a Pulitzer?

Could be, and if so, best of luck to him. In any event, my suave and learned friend has launched a foray into the farthest reaches of esoteric culture with a blend of political commentary and literary afflatus published under the title SALVE: Shameless Acts of Literary Vandalism and Entertainment. For that special person on your gift list who thinks he has everything, show him (or her, as the case may be) how wrong she (or, quite possibly, he) is by getting him (or, mayhap, her) this book.

Remember: it’s for the children.


smitty1e said...

Good news: I can help you publish your Detective Paco work, if you're inclined.
Bad news: your profits will (likely) barely cover my coffee tab.
I've got to rework my LaTeX source to target a hardbound edition, with which my victims shall be afflicted at Christmas.

Paco said...

Smitty: Actually, my satirical novel about Che Guevara is coming out soon. I hope to make enough money to buy a new hat.

JeffS said...

Don't you know? The real money from literary work comes from the plays, movies, toys, comic books, etc.

If you need an agent, call me, and we can do lunch.


Col. Milquetoast said...

The real money from literary work comes from the plays, movies, toys, comic books, etc.

I'm sure Paco has already made plans for :
Che action figures including Motorcycle Che, Useless Idiot Che, Young Fidel, Incontinent Fidel, Congolese, Congolese Che was trying to kill, Cuban refugees, Bolivian Special Forces, Shadowy CIA Man, Useful Idiot, etc...

A Tickle Me Che doll.

The Che Mass Execution Playset includes gallows, firing squad, cardboard desk, pen, package of pre-notarized death warrants and cigar humidor.

The Che Pretend Play Dress-Up Costume includes one beret, 1 pound of goat hair and 1 bottle of probably water soluble beard glue.

RebeccaH said...

I hope it's on Kindle. I got a Kindle last Christmas, and I have about 997 books on it that I haven't been able to read yet.

Paco said...

Colonel: Excellent marketing ideas!