Friday, June 8, 2012

Just call me blabbermouth

A day of silence is being observed by various bloggers in order to draw attention to the guerrilla warfare that is being carried out by Brett Kimberlin et al against a number of conservative bloggers.

I don't really see the point of maintaining silence; or, rather, I see the theoretical point, but I don't buy into the practical utility of it. On this, I am with Bob Belvedere. Keep up the pressure, pursue without letup, use all legitimate resources, all the time.

More from Jeff G.

Update: Hats off to Senator Saxby Chambliss and Rep. Kenny Marchant for standing tall.


SwampWoman said...

Voluntarily exiting blogs to protest the leftist bloggers' attempts to silence conservative blogs seems all bass ackwards to me.

LibertyAtStake said...

The day of silence idea sounds a lot like the Politically Correct accommodation and "understanding" response to radical Islam. It gives the enemy exactly what he wants without the inconvenience of a fight. Bad idea.

mojo said...

Silence is consent, they say. In this case, I think it's pointless.

What's next, a hunger strike?

Paco said...

Mojo: How about a "serial" hunger strike, like the one Jesse Jackson tried to pull off years ago (he fasted for a couple of days, and then someone else fasted for a day or two, etc.)

RebeccaH said...

I know they thought they had a good idea with Going Silent for a day, but I don't think that works anymore in this day and age. This is the Age Of Constant Communication, the Internet Universe, and going silent just means being not only ignored, but absent.

We can't afford to be absent (and thus dismissed) in this fight for our Constitutional values and our country.

missred said...

I am with Bob on this one, too. of course I cannot tell him that because I don't know my wordpress p/w. ;/

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, missred.

And you too, Sir Paco.

kc said...

I didn't post anything political yesterday, but I wasn't absent, either. I agree with Swampie, LibertyAtStake, mojo, RebeccaH, missred, and Bob Belvedere.

With the mass media outlets spouting their own agenda - closely tied to the Marxists & socialists in the Administration - silence in the blogosphere is a dangerous and self-defeating move.

rinardman said...

Did I miss something?

I thought the liberal wish list included silencing conservative bloggers!

Wish granted, for one day at least.