Friday, June 8, 2012

Let me translate that for you

What Obama said: "The private sector is doing just fine".

What Obama meant: "I've got the private sector right where I want it."

Update Much more from Instapundit.

Update II: Private sector "doing just fine" like the Black Knight?


JeffS said...

Senator Corker left teeth marks on Obama. We need more calling out Obama for the spineless, socialist dweeb that he is.

RebeccaH said...

It's official: Barack Obama has the intellectual capacity of Polly the Parrot.

SwampWoman said...

HEY! Polly the Parrot is adaptable. She can learn new tricks.

Obama is just a one-trick parrot.

JeffS said...

If you include "crapping all over the place" as a trick, Swampie, yes, he is a one-trick parrot.

Barry said...

The private sector has gov't assistance handouts to apply for so yes, doing just fine.

If the private sector has to scrabble around finding paychecks and buying alarm clocks, well, I'm not doing my job.

rinardman said...

Private sector "doing just fine" like the Black Knight?

Must be. After his remark, the MSM apologizers were bleating..."just a flesh wound".

Paco said...