Friday, June 15, 2012

Let’s keep a good thought

Michael Walsh at the New York Post speculates that Eric Holder’s number is just about up.
After more than a year of half-truths, stonewalling, obfuscating and outright lying to Congress about the “gunwalking” scandal known as Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder now finds himself trapped in a box canyon, out of ammo and surrounded by hostiles.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
No, it couldn’t. And the Fast and Furious imbroglio is only part of the problem. Holder has also encouraged the radicalization of the civil rights unit within DOJ, which has led to truly preposterous outcomes, like the suit to block Florida from eliminating non-citizens from its voting rolls. And let’s not forget his attempt to give foreign terrorists the full protection of the U.S. legal system by removing them from the jurisdiction of military courts.

A contempt citation would be a good start, but the best way to remove this and all the other bad apples in the current administration is to turn Obama out of office in November.


JeffS said...

Alas, flogging has been outlawed.

RebeccaH said...

Alas, he'll probably never spend a day in jail where he belongs.

Yojimbo said...

Getting rid of Holder is only a samll part of the problem. All those appointments with no doubt stay there constituting a new fifth column to give the new president problems.

If you remember, that happened with the CIA where a bunch of Clinton holdovers caused havoc with the prosecution of the Gulf War.

Paco said...

I'm thinking big broom.