Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romney turns the tables on Obama

Romney's latest ad, which underscores Obama's now infamous comment - "the private sector's doing fine" - is, as Bryan Preston points out, "the mirror image" of an ad from Obama's 2008 campaign highlighting John McCain's unfortunate choice of words ("the fundamentals of the economy are strong").

Money quote: "Today’s moves showed that the Romney campaign is living rent-free in David Axelrod’s head."

Hey, why not? There's plenty of room.


JeffS said...

Yes, there's plenty of room, indeed. But don't forget that Axelrod's head is in a place where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said....David Axelrod and a blonde Hollywood starlet have a lot in common. OMG! The Grand Canyon pales in the vastness (not the majesty) of Axelrod's inner cranial space. It reminds me of President Reagan's famous quote, 'It's not that they don't know so much. It is that so much of what they know is wrong.'