Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday funnies

Gratefully lifted from The Weasel Times. H/T: Ace. Background here.

The dark side of Mickey Mouse.

TimT, that wild man of the world-wide web, ponders the early history of cheese and beer, and marvels over the ambulatory qualities of yeast.

10 funniest Batman costumes.

Obama's disarming approach to his Latino hosts (guns to Mexican narcotraficantes, ok; knives and forks for American Latinos at a luncheon - what, are you out of your mind?)

Maldito sea! Next time, why don't you just serve soup and sandwiches?

Update: More on the cutlery scandal from Dan Collins (HAW!).


rinardman said...

Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?

Or, are you on your deathbed?

Why not remember the Obama campaign in your will?

You're not Warren Buffet, and don't have an estate? We're not proud, you can donate your organs if that's all you can afford!


rinardman said...

Next time, why don't you just serve soup and sandwiches?

They considered serving lunch after Obeyme gave his speech, but were afraid people might still be nauseous.

JeffS said...

The Tree Hugging Sister offers a different perspective for those Latino officials.

Myself, I would have taken the cups and spoons as well, to prevent the audience from banging them on the tables, prison style.

Paco said...

R-man: I sure wouldn't want the Obama campaign to know that I had put it in my will. Might have some kind of "accident".

rinardman said...


Or, Obamacare death panel!

Paco said...

Right! I'd hate to get a subpoena from those guys.

richard mcenroe said...

¡De mis manos muertas y frías...!

richard mcenroe said...

After the success of Captain America and the Avengers, the Secret Service shoulda made sure they got all the plates, too.