Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tricky Dick Obama

Tim Stanley of the Telegraph provides an excellent outline of the Fast and Furious scandal, and its possible consequences for Obama.

Is it not passing strange that a foreign media outlet should demonstrate more interest in this issue than, say, the New York Times or the Washington Post? “Why, no,” you say, “there’s nothing strange about it at all.” And you are, of course, right. Watch for the legacy media to spin this as mere Republican partisanship, with (naturally) undercurrents of racism. Because there is nothing - absolutely nothing - that Obama and his minions can do, or fail to do, that will alter the MSM’s vision of the Obama presidency as a rare and beautiful occurrence of historical justice, and a quantum leap in the evolution of American society toward the hoary Liberal dream of the Provider State. No lie is so outrageous, no policy so transparently idiotic, no body count so high, as to justify endangering the prospects of a second term for Barack Obama, the paradigm – indeed, the apotheosis - of the progressive dream.

Update - Jay Carney: Make no mistake, we'll never rest until we find out who killed what's-his-name.


mojo said...

Somebody get Carney a big red rubber nose.

rinardman said...

Remember me saying the MSM would give this a "couple of days" coverage, before they said "move on"?

I was too optimistic. Apparently, one day was enough.

If Obama doesn't hold a press conference, will they tell us about an asteroid heading for Earth?

kc said...



JeffS said...

What KC said.

Minicapt said...

Of course they would brief on an asteroid approaching Earth, but only if it was to supersede lesser news, such as the announcement of AG Holder's resignation.


Robert of Ottawa said...

To not report is not to lie; it is an "omission", probaby unfortunate in hindsight twenty years late. But, by then, no-one but committed idiots will be buying the NYT, assuming it can stay alive.

Perhaps Soros and friends will pass the hat around to keep their propaganda arm amongst the "intelligencia" alive.