Monday, July 30, 2012

The one-dollar magazine (company)

Newsweek's latest unpaid advertisement for Obama is a cover photo of Romney alongside the title, "The Wimp Factor".

Are you lefties really sure you want to go there?

Update:The John Locke Foundation has a better idea for a magazine cover:

(H/T: Captain Heinrichs)


JeffS said...

Not to mention going here.

The INTERNET, she has a long memory.

Zardoz said...

I can't keep up.

Is Romney a heartless bully who humiliated a fellow student 50 years ago or is he a wimp?

Is Romney a vulture capitalist who ruthlessly fired employees and sucked the money out of companies that Bain took over or is he a wimp?

Is Romney a crafty entrepreneur and tax cheat with secret accounts all over the world or is he a wimp?

Is Romney the guy who bragged about eating dog in one of his biographies or...oh, sorry, that was someone else.

SwampWoman said...

He's a good lookin' man who has worked his ass off to provide very well for his family, his wife is beautiful, their sons are all talented and handsome, they have many cute and cuddly grandchildren--I think some folks are extremely jealous.

rinardman said...

Grasping at straws.

kc said...

The Current Occupant is not a Man, by my definition. He may resemble the male of the species, but it is a ruse.

I like Men. I like 'em rough around the edges and I like 'em polished to a fine glow. I like the ones who can shoot and the ones who can change their own oil. I like men who don't mind getting their fingernails - or their jeans - dirty.

I like Men who are kind and funny and helpful. I like men who can do their own laundry but really like it when their woman does it for them.

I like Men who like to drive fast, who like motorcycles that are loud, and who talk kinda slow.

I like the Men who make up Paco Nation.

I like Men. The Current Occupant is a poseur, in more ways than one.

Paco said...

Obama: "But I have people to do those things!"

kc said...

Yes, Paco...and that means he's not a Man, by my definition.

Paco said...

Obama: "But if I pay people to do those things, doesn't that make me a man, er, vicariously?"

kc said...

No, Barry - if you don't do the work yourself, it doesn't count.