Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why not mechanize the corpse and stick it in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant playing "Shortnin’" Bread” on the balalaika?

“Russians mull burying Soviet leader Lenin”.

I found this item from the story particularly hilarious:
In 2009, unidentified vandals used explosives to blow a massive hole in the buttocks of a Lenin statue in St. Petersburg, triggering outrage among communist-era pensioners.
If the Czar’s police had done that to the original back when they had him in jail, the world might have been spared a lot of heartache.


JeffS said...

Lenin needs to be buried beneath a remote cross-road, with his head under his knee, and his mouth stuffed with garlic.

RebeccaH said...

And a stake through his heart.

This is what became of the Glorious Communist Revolution:

The supervisor of the crew that will do some construction at my mother-in-law's house is a young Russian guy who came to the USA to go to college back in 1998 and decided he liked it well enough to stay. He was born and raised in Uzbekistan (but his parents took the incoming American military's advice to sell out and get out as soon as possible, so they live in Moscow now). He loves the country and is building a good future for himself. Leninism is bad old ancient history to him.

Jonah said...

I saw a picture of Lenin's blown out behind. It's floating around the internet somewhere.

Col. Milquetoast said...

He's already embalmed, why not give him a coat of waterproof sealer, put him in a clown outfit, and prop him up in a dunk tank and sell 3 throws for 30 rubles.

Lenin's busted backside from here.