Monday, August 27, 2012

Appalling irony

It never ceases to amaze me how the free press has turned itself into one of the most assiduous gravediggers of American liberty.


RebeccaH said...

And the sad truth is, if Mitt Romney gets elected, he will be subjected to a level of scrutiny and invective that will probably make the crap George Bush went through look like a Sunday stroll.

rinardman said...

What amazes me is how much they have to want someone like Obo the Clown as President, to be so in the tank for him. Which means they no longer (if they ever did) believe in what the United States stands for, as a country. They want a top down oligarchy where they, being an elite class (in their minds), help manage things for the "less fortunate" common folk who don't even know the basics, like what's best to eat for lunch.

I really think they believe Obama is their friend, but given the chance, I think he would turn on any one of them if he thought it was to his advantage.

JeffS said...

r-man, the media that we (of the older generation) grew up with is dying. The printed word, newspapers and magazines, can't compete against the INTERNET.

More to the point, their profitability is tanking. The NYT is afloat today only because a multi-zillionaire dropped a lot of money into that operation. And still they tank. Same thing across the nation.

Desperate people are easy to buy. Remember a discussion amongst Congresscritters about bailing out newspapers, back a year or two? You can bet your sweet bippy that was done in all seriousness, and that the plan is still in someone's contingency file.

Add in a gradual shift from old-style American Exceptionalism to the current socialist model amongst the Lame Stream Media, and a state run newspaper looks really good to these clowns.

So while a good portion of journalists would turn on Obama and his minions if it's in their favor, we'd have to outbid Obama. I'm not sure that's going to happen, given the core values of most conservatives.

So I wouldn't count on the Dinosaur Media as even a potential ally.

rinardman said...

the media that we (of the older generation) grew up with is dying.

If you mean a media that at least outwardly seemed to be fair & unbiased, it's been dead for years. Now they make minimal efforts to appear unbiased, and some stop just short of openly admitting their bias.

And, I don't think it's just the interweb that's killing them. I think a lot of it is the fact they are no longer unbiased reporters of news. The number of people that share their bias is relatively small, and they're the only ones who accept their slanted reporting. The rest of us want the latest news, not the latest propaganda.

If we have to search elsewhere for that, they lose.

JeffS said...

True enough, r-man. I should have specified "on permanent life support" in lieu of "dying".

As for the interweb versus biased reporting, I often wonder which came first, in the "chicken or egg" scenario. Forces must balance.

Anonymous said...

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