Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong, RIP

The first man to walk on the moon has died.

I can only imagine the kind of courage that it must have taken for Armstrong and his comrades to make that tremendous, unprecedented journey. I pray that America will always be able to generate such heroes.


JeffS said...

To quote another blog:

"One last step for a great man."

rinardman said...

Here's hoping his final jouney is one step to eternity for a great man.

The U.S. space program was ice cream for this young science nerd, and watching the first man on the moon was all the delicious toppings a kid could imagine. To think I was "there", is something I consider a highlite of my time here on earth.

mojo said...

"It's not the going that concerns me so much as the coming back..."

rinardman said...

Saw a short clip on the news, of Ed Bradley interviewing Armstrong, talking about a near miss while flying the lunar landing trainer on earth.

Bradley: After you were almost killed, you went back to your office & did paperwork.
Armstrong: Yes, I did.
Bradley: But you were almost killed!
Armstrong: (with a sly grin) But I wasn't.

Yeah, it was all a hoax.

Boy on a bike said...

He certainly had the Right Stuff. In buckets.