Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan, rock star

Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan is drawing huge crowds, most recently in Florida, as recorded by Deep Fried Manatees in this post.

I like to see the Republicans on offense - what a refreshing change of pace! - and am particularly pleased (and pleasantly surprised) that Romney and Ryan have so quickly managed to turn the Democrats' Mediscare strategy against them.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is, er, "purposely" shooting for small crowds.

One reason given for Obama's small crowds - which are no accident, mind you, all part of the plan - is to "allow the president to better connect with supporters". You mean, like this?


rinardman said...

We are intentionally limiting crowd size at rallies.

It's just a happy coincidence that no one wants to show up at Obama rallies.

Paco said...

It's a win-win!

Robert of Ottawa said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed. These huksters and Chicago arm-twisters will not go quietly into the night. But, good to see the Reoubs ATTACK!! What a refreshing novelty!

There will come a point where, if all goes well, the obvious surge for Romney/Ryan will become a tsunami.

I had low expectations of Romney, but just in his choice of running mate, he proved himself. He's got a serious attack dog and clearly means business.

RebeccaH said...

Anybody with two ounces of critical thinking knows the Republicans can't cut off Medicare or Social Security cold turkey, nor would they be so stupid. Millions have had to make those programs part of their retirement (myself and Mr. H included), and we were never asked if we wanted to do it that way. To "do away" with these programs forthwith is to plunge the nation into a Dark Ages we have not seen since ... well ... the actual Dark Ages.

But our children and grandchildren won't have those safety nets (or something comparable) if we don't do something to fix the system. We can't "kick the can down the road" anymore. It's our mess (whether we asked for it or not) and we have to fix it now, or it won't be fixed at all.

I always kind of resented all the Baby Boomer resentment, considering we never asked to be a demographic-altering population bulge, but I'd like to tell all those Gen Y, X, millenial, whatever, wet-behind-the-ears little shits that the bill has come due, and we're the generation with the money and the clout to fix it, so fix it we will. You're welcome, you ungrateful little wretches.