Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sacre bleu!

The socialist government in France is increasing taxes on the "rich" to a rate of 75%.

I contacted a well-to-do Frenchman of my acquaintance and asked him what he thought of this proposal.

"C'est absurde! Theez socialeests are no better than, how do you say, pock pickets!"


rinardman said...

“Here, someone who is a self-made man, creating jobs and ending up as a millionaire, is viewed with suspicion. This is a big cultural difference between France and the United States.”

Not so much, these days.

JeffS said...

In that regard, the tax could have enormous symbolic value as a blow for egalité, coming from a new president who has proclaimed, “I don’t like the rich.”

One wonders if the French socialists will discourage rich foreigners (e.g., Hollywood stars and musicians who, not coincidentally, profess to love and support the 99%) to continue to flock to France for the Cannes Festival, and other gala affairs? Or maybe impose a special tax on them?

Answers, in order: Hell, yes. Hell, no.

JeffS said...

Ugh. The coffee hadn't kicked in when I posted that.

Corrected answers, still in order: Hell, no. Hell, no.

mojo said...

Putain de merde! Ils sont fous!

Michael Lonie said...

M. Hollande is, himself, quite wealthy. I TRUST he will pay those tax rates he sets for other people.

If he's like the Obama Cabinet nominees, like Timmy the Treasury Spenaholic, he won't.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...JeffS, the limo 99ers will still be feted as always. The caviar and champaign will still be served after they depart their aerocoaches. Everybody does, right?

Michael, Mr. Hollande can't be wealthy. Lefties never are. Just ask the other everyday people like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Debbie WS, and their ilk.

Michael Lonie said...

And you wonder how many of them gained that pittance that they are saving as their miniscule nest egg, too. Kerry married his money (more than once), but where did Reid's come from? No doubt he put his lunch money in a little tin box kept in his desk drawer. That undoubtedly would account for it.