Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Suggestions for Barack Obama’s return to private life

How about owner of a Dog-Fil-A franchise?

Like Smitty, the author of the post linked above, I will be stopping by Chick-Fil-A this evening for a couple of chicken sandwiches, some waffle fries, and two of their delicious milkshakes (strawberry for Mrs. Paco, chocolate for me).

Now, if only Five Guys will endorse Romney, I’ll have an excuse to eat there more often, too - for the good of the country.

Update: Whoa! Due to this being Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, there was a line of cars a block long waiting to pull into the restaurant near my house, and it was impossible for me to get in. Bad news for me - I have to put off my chicken sandwich until tomorrow - but good news for Chick-Fil-A. And maybe good news for Romney. The people who made a point of showing up today may well be an indication of the growing strength of anti-liberal sentiment in Northern Virginia.


Mike said...

We waited an hour at our local restaurant for service, but we didn't mind.

rinardman said...

I'm too far away to make the trip today, but I did see on the local Evansville TV news that the one I stopped at last Thursday was overwhelmed. An interviewee said the local pastors were promoting it last Sunday, thus the large turnout.

Way to go, crazy religious nutjobs!

RebeccaH said...

My fondest dream is that, post-presidency, Barack Obama becomes Secretary General of the UN ... just when America cordially (and finally!) invites the UN to relocate to Damascus, or Moscow, or someplace like that.

Spiny Norman said...

I guess I did my "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" on Monday (the nearest one is almost an hour away, and I was just too busy with work today). The place was packed even then, BTW.

Paco said...

Good to hear from you, Spiny!

Yes, Chick-Fil-A's tend to do a land office business. Wish I had a franchise.

Spiny Norman said...

I lurk. I stop by here most days.

I ought to comment more often, I guess. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Richard and I headed across town to the closest CFA to join a breakfast rally by the San Fernando Tea Party Patriots. Every tv station and a few radio folks were already there. We ended up with 35-40 folks, which is great for such an early time during the week. But it was a precursor to what was to come. The owner sent a tray of biscuit chicken sandwiches out. Yum! BTW, the oatmeal is the best ever!

At noon a friend of mine could not hear me on cell because of the overwhelming response. After work we headed into Hollywood. The Gays were vastly outnumbered. Then back to Northridge. The line into the lot was extremely long and the counter line went around the building and down the side. CFA cut the lines at 9:30pm with apologies. Richard stood for over an hour and forty five minutes before we decided to postpone til tonight.

On the wall of the restaurant are pictures of the good works that the foundations do. This in contrast to the GLAD website which has an article about the summer camp for Gay, Transgender, or "Gender Variant" youth. What is "Gender Variant?

Mike Huckabee tallied 20 MILLION hits on his website!

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... The media really wanted to capture the anti-Gay marriage, anti-equality angles. The gentleman from the New York Post was the first. Isn't the question, if we, who disagree with same sex marriage are haters then, aren't the Gays haters of straights for the same reason? As for equality, something can't be taken from someone to make equality. It only makes less equality.

The solution is simple. Come up with a term for same sex unions that is specific and special. Do not try to rewrite thousands of years of history and religious views recrafting marriage.

Minicapt said...

"Gender Variant"?
… a steer is a 'gender variant'.