Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We have to wait until the Democratic National Convention to see some real evidence of the war on women

For example, the Democrats plan to trot out “warrior” Jim Sinegal, former Costco CEO and co-founder.
During his tenure at the retail supply firm, Sinegal faced allegations of widespread gender discrimination at the company, which was the target of a 2006 class-action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs in the case alleged that Costco frequently promoted less-qualified male employees to the detriment of female employees, and failed to give sufficient notice of advancement opportunities.

Court filings charge that Costco practices allowed for “favoritism and individual biases” in the awarding of promotions. The company disregarded complaints of such discrimination, and Sinegal personally opposed recommendations to provide advanced notice of senior management opportunities, the suit alleged.
And of course, Bill “Better Put Some Ice on That” Clinton will be there.

“Did somebody say war on women? I won’t be dodging the draft on that one!”

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