Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm predicting riots in the streets

"World bacon shortage 'unavoidable'".

Elsewhere, our Chinese subsidiary, the Pleasant Abode of Celestial Oversupply, launches a new product.


JeffS said...

Good thing I bought half a pig from a 4-H group after the county fair this year. I can make a killing on ham steak futures.

rinardman said...

World bacon shortage 'unavoidable'.

Nah, that's just a pig tale.

mojo said...

"Operation Fatback" is a go.

JeffS said...

And I think I'll stop up on bacon bits as well --- might be useful for barter after the apocalypse.

RebeccaH said...

It really is the end times.

And that Chinese guy would fit right in with our present government. (No offense to Paco Enterprises subsidiary)

Michael Lonie said...

Here is the key sentence in that article: "The way out of this coming catastrophe is to subsidize pig farmers to stem the loss of their herds, says the industry group."

Businessmen who want corporate welfare and farm subsidies are yelling that, if they don't get taxpayer money, disaster will ensue. Haven't we heard that before?

Furthermore, if, as mentioned in the article, the cause is the worldwide decline of animal feedstocks, shoving taxpayer money at some producers (the ones with political pull, no doubt) will not raise the suppolies of grains.

In Medieval times hogs were allowed to run free in the forests and fatten up on acorns and fungi (there's a reason pigs are used to find truffles). Perhaps the pig farmers could find a way to harvest acorns and mushrooms to feed their hogs instead of using food humans can eat, and that are in short supply.

Stay calm and carry on.